What to Bring & Wear:

Wear loose comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement
Wear good supportive trainers.

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TUESDAY    6.30 pm


FRIDAY 9.30 am


SATURDAY 10.30 am

For men and women, of all ages and abilities. A wonderful discipline and suitable for anyone wishing to obtain excellent core strength. We are only as strong as our weakest link and Pilates works the largest and smallest muscles from the top of your head to the soles of your feet in a relaxing and gentle manner.


Please check availability and course dates for any of the Pilates classes before attending  

                                             EVENINGS                               VENUE

MONDAY 6.30 pm


Working out on a step has proven to be far more fat burning than not - so with this class you'll burn up more calories and tone up the area that troubles us the most. Work with or without the step -

 Great for legs, butt and abs



    Hindu Centre  

    321 Colney Hatch Lane

    N12 0LX   (Rear of)

    Entrance 2nd on left off     Lyndhurst Avenue

MONDAY 7.30 pm

                          ZUMBA PARTY

A wonderful way to get fit - loads of different songs from around the world to dance to

Express what you hear with your movement, dance in the way you can - inspired routines by Helen to follow

Burn up calories while having fun!!!

Lights are low and disco lights on!!

TUESDAY 6.30 pm



Such a simple and extremely effective way of getting your core strong (abdominals and back)

A specialist class where you'll be taught the importance of core strength, how to engage them and use them in everyday life

TUESDAY 7.30 pm


Similar format to 'Insanity' where we dig deep into our energy reserves and give it all for just 2 mins and then rest and then repeat

A technique which will fat burn and tone

With great results

THURSDAY 7.30 pm


A class suitable for all levels and abilities

No choreography, no jumping, no high impact - so easy on joints and easy to follow and very effective!


FRIDAY 9.30 am


Coinciding with School terms

No classes during school holidays

Book a course and see what an amazing transformation you will have

Simple and yet extremely effective - an art that you will be taught over a few weeks

SATURDAY 10.30 am


Everyone can benefit from Pilates, male or female, any age or fitness level. Pilates is a wonder discipline and suitable for anyone who wishes to obtain long, sleek muscles and excellent core strength. 

Working in a gentle and relaxing manner Pilates lengthens muscles which may have become shortened and tight improving your posture and increasing muscular endurance and flexibility

CLASSES £6 or block book 10 for £50 (Except Pilates)

If you can do at least 3 times a week of any discipline then you will see your body respond quicker to the exercises

Helen is motivating inspiring and cares about her class. With a P.E. Diploma, a national diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and certificates in Fitness you can rest assured you'll be in safe hands. Forget the workout come join the party and get in shape!!

Classes run throughout the year except bank holidays and there's a reduced timetable at Christmas.  Please confirm with Helen if in doubt, especially in severe weather conditions