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BOBBIE  Hadley Woods

IHelen, your classes are unbelievable! I have been to many professional classes but none compare to yours. You actually make it fun to workout while still reaping the benefits of an intensive workout. Thank you for not just being a fantastic instructor but a friend as well.

FELICITY  North Finchley

Helen's enthusiasm and energy are just what someone like me needs. I don't really want to be at the classes but she makes me smile and the time flies by. And I do feel a lot better afterwards.

EZSTER  Whetstone

I found Helen after years of desperate search for the right type of classes. Her classes have the perfect balance of tactful and caring individual attention. Helen s professionalism and experience makes you feel at ease straight away, and her enthusiasm gives you the boost to carry on and on. However low and/or drained I feel when I arrive, I always leave energized and uplifted thanks to the workout as well as Helen s continuous smile.


Dear Helen,

Thank you so much for email they were really sweet and heartwarming words, words which could only have come from someone special, thank you for all you have done for us as a team and for me individually, watching you has taught me the meaning of determination, you are a true inspiration and a wonderful teacher and person.

JAN  Southgate

"I have been attending Helen s classes since 1993 and over the years have also been to various gyms and tried many different classes and can honestly say that I have never come across another fitness instructor who is as dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and truly interested in helping people not only improve their fitness and reach their goals but also to enhance their general health. The classes are in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and Helen does her utmost to vary them from week to week and make them suitable for all levels"


"Paul and I enjoy Helen's classes because they are so varied. You can do different types of exercise throughout the week including high and low impact workouts for all round fitness. The classes are never boring because the structure of each class is changed regularly to avoid repetition. In addition to a great level of skill and knowledge in anatomy and exercise, Helen is full of enthusiasm and energy. It is fun to exercise with Helen!"

SHARON  North Finchley

Helen's classes have become one of the focal points of my life, not just because of the fantastic feeling of well-being that I get from attending them, but because Helen is such a lovely, special person, who makes everybody who comes to her classes, feel special, no matter what their ability.

Another plus point is the social side of the classes- I have made many good friends there, and a couple of times a year, we all go out for a meal and relax and chat together. I couldn't imagine my life without Helen and her marvelous classes.

CLAIRE - Whetstone

Feeling frustrated and unfit for some months and not finding the right exercise programme for me, and gyms not fitting in with my hectic lifestyle, I was delighted when Helen's flier came through my front door and proclaimed to fit in with my needs and requirements.

Helen in consultation with myself designed a workout programme that would suit me and my ability, and once a week I had a personal training session in the convenience of my own home, where technique was perfected and stamina built up using a combination of body conditioning and Pilates


Helen's body conditioning class (Saturday) kick started my weekend, her Pilates class developed strong

abdominal muscles and helped strengthen my weak back. With encouragement and guidance from Helen, she also looked at my diet and developed a nutritional plan, I went from a size 12 to a size 8 and I have never felt fitter or healthier!

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about starting out on the road of fitness not to hesitate and pick up the phone today to Helen and get the body you have always desired!

VANESSA  North Fichley

Hi Helen,

This is a big thank you e mail. I've come back to uni and everyone is saying how strong and fit I am and it's all thanks to your brilliant classes.

At the gym they have a pole dancing fitness class that I went along to for a laugh with some friends. I was the only person there other than the teacher that could hold my own weight. The plank has worked its wonders.

Thank you once again. Take care



AMANDA  North Finchley

CHARITY WORKOUT - 4 PM AT FRIERN BARNET SCHOOL" the flyer announced. So on a sunny Sunday back in October 2000 was to be my first meeting with Helen - a mass of blonde curly hair, young, bubbly, enthusiastic and encouraging, with a heart of gold. A really good all round workout is on offer throughout the week. Not only do we workout at different levels, which means anyone, whatever their fitness ability, is included in every class, but we get an education at the same time - which muscle groups we're working and why, dietry needs etc. We are also the most sociable fitness group and many long term and lasting friendships have been made through Friern Fitness. Helen is truly one in a million and that day back in October 2000 certainly changed my life - for the better and forever!

BELINDA   Whetstone

I first went to Helen's classes in 2000 or 2001, hovering at the back of the class trying to learn the steps. I was soon doing every class I could - at the front! I loved the enthusiasm and even though my left and right are always a problem! Soon I felt very fit and decided that a gym could offer me more flexibility in that I could go first thing in the morning and keep my evenings free. I did this for a while but started to lose motivation. Anyway, I carried on going to the gym (now more for the yoga than anything else) until June of this year when I was made redundant and had a bit of time on my hands! I found myself at the gym on a day that Helen was teaching one of the classes and thought it would be fun to do it. It was. I had almost forgotten how much I had enjoyed doing the classes and that it was Helen's enthusiasm, and ability get to know everyone and make them feel good about themselves that motivated us. I cancelled my gym membership and went back to Helen.