Tali wrote: Always hated working out, tried every class possible... never worked until I met you.From the first lesson I knew it’s going to be a love story. you made me LOVE working out with your enthusiasm, smile, and unique way of combining dancing and fitness! You are not only a fitness instructor but a dancer which in my opinion makes you extra special.I hardly ever miss a class and my entire friends and family know that I’m not available on Saturday mornings because I’m in Zumba class.Can’t thank you enough Helen. I love your classes and think You are incredible!! See you Saturday morning. Tali xxxxxxxxx

Becky wrote: "I love Helen and her Zumba class.shes the best Zumba mummy ever and all the fellow Zumbettes there are a super duper crowd.

Hayley wrote: Friern Fitness - Led by the dedicated, amazing instructor Helen, each class brings you a variety of workouts to ensure you keep that heart beat beating, those calories burning and most importantly, those smiles beaming! Something truly infectious happens within her classes, you can't help but want to count the days down for the next class to begin! Helen's caring nature, her commitment to ensure the whole class is smiling and having fun whilst working out is what makes Friern Fitness so so special !!

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